Sustainable Biz Canada strives to become the leading source of news, information, and commentary about sustainable business in Canada.

Sustainable Biz Canada, 2022 Media KitSustainable business in Canada is on the cusp of explosive growth as the viability of ‘green’ products and services takes hold and the country endeavors to mitigate the impact of climate change.

In 2022, Sustainable Biz Canada will focus its original content on issues concerning the built environment and build on its relationship with its sister website the Real Estate News Exchange hosted at As the publication matures we will broaden its reporting to include other industries.

All Sustainable Biz publications are free to our readers and supported primarily by advertising. It is the goal of Sustainable Biz to offer any size of business an opportunity to promote its services and products through Sustainable Biz Canada.

Sustainable Biz Canada news is published on business days on the Sustainable Biz website, posted to social media, and delivered bi-weekly to mobile devices and the desktop of industry professionals as email newsletters.

The advertising program

Sustainable Biz Canada provides a blended advertising program where every advertiser receives website, mobile, and email newsletter exposure.

Our ad rates are based on the cost of advertising in an email newsletter for guaranteed delivery to a targeted audience plus a display ad on our website where there are both new and dedicated readers.

Bottom line. Bigger ads. Better Value.

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