MHPM believes that sustainability is free

MHPM Project Managers’ belief in corporate sustainability is as evident as its trademarked slogan: Sustainability is Free.

“As a company that provides project management, construction management and advisory services to property owners, sustainability is integral to our business,” says Franklin Holtforster, MHPM president and CEO. (image on the left)

“Climate and social changes – from the increasing frequency of extreme weather events to a project leader’s expectations that we engage the community in business decisions – affect our operations in myriad ways. It’s clear that we must all do more to integrate sustainability into our daily work.”

MHMP’s first annual corporate sustainability report revealed areas in which the company aims to improve in the new year. The report, which evaluated MHPM’s impact on the environment and on the community, its transportation practices and its workplace policies, included the following recommendations for 2013:

• To improve its approach to energy data collection in its owned and leased facilities;

• To set meaningful targets to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and;

• To establish employee green teams in all offices to continue the dialogue about sustainability and to provide regional representation for the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

The sustainable report details MHMP’s performance in environmental stewardship, transportation, health & safety, community, workplace and client satisfaction.

Holtforster is well aware that clients, employees and communities all have important stakes in corporate sustainability.

“The forces of change translate into, for example, demand for net zero energy and low carbon buildings, the use of passive and regenerative design principles and more emphasis on measuring building performance,” he says.

As the report points out, owners and tenants are increasingly demanding LEED, Energy Star or BOMA BESt certification and investors, regulators and customers are pushing companies to improve environmental and social performance.

For MHPM, that makes its vision for the future crystal-clear. “We believe that Sustainability is Free – that over the life cycle, the net benefit of sustainability is greater than the investment in sustainability,” the report overview states. “Achieving a high performance sustainable business requires leadership, a well-integrated team, thorough planning and the proper processes and management tools. Sustainability is the fourth dimension of project management alongside cost, schedule and scope.”

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