Why Green Buildings?

The drive to Green the built environment is ALL ABOUT GOOD BUSINESS!! It is about adding value to builidings, keeping and attracting tenants, healthy work environments, productivity and improving net operating income (N.O.I.). It is also about acting to mitigate the effects of climate change that threatens all human activity. Following are what is being said about Green Buildings by influential people in the commercial real estate sector.

Thomas Mueller, President of Canada Green Building Council

A Significant Market Opportunity … “If building owners are not there (creating green buildings) they are missing a significant market opportunity for how buildings are built and operated. It has been happening for decades in Europe. If they missout on it they will miss a competitve advantage. The market is shifting whether they want it or not.” ….. April 2006.

Peter Meffe, PowerStream Chair

Business to LEED By Example … “Building a new head office for PowerStream that is energy efficient and environmentally sound makes good business sense. It demonstrates excellent corporate citizenship and strong community leadership” …..

Excerpt taken from …. Green Gains: Where Sustainable Design Stands Now Canada News Wire, April 6, 2006

Gordon Price, Vancouver City Councilor

Municipalities Support Green Buildings … “There’s a lot more support than I would’ve imaged a few years ago for green buildings — public and private. We’ve gone beyond the visionary stage and now people want the nuts and bolts.” …..

Excerpt taken from …. Green Gains: Where Sustainable Design Stands Now Green Biz, April 5, 2006

Yanai Elbaz, MUHC Director of Planning and Implementation of the Redevelopment Project

Montreal Hospital Goes Green' … “We plan to request certification of all the MUHC's sites — the Royal Victoria, Montreal Neurological, Montreal Chest and Montreal Children's Hospitals — over the next few years. Environmental awareness is an important issue for all of us.” …..

Excerpt taken from …. Hospital wins Go Green certification at le Montréal du futur event MUHC.ca, April 4, 2006

Corin Flood, Project Coordinator for Mountain Equipment Co-op and ReSource

Green Buildings Account For 'Embodied Energy' … “Depending on the life of a building, you can use the equivalent amount of energy to construct a building as is used during its life time.” …..

Excerpt taken from …. Big box shopping mall and MEC: Opposite ends of the Green Scale RENX.ca, April 3, 2006

Mark Chapman, Vice President, Office Development, Giffels Design-Build Inc.

Energy Benefits Pay For LEED … “There won’t be a building in Canada that isn't built to a LEED standard in five years. The energy benefits more than pay for LEED. The higher the level of LEED, the more energy efficient the building and the greater the cost savings.” …..

Excerpt taken from ….The Who's Who of LEED Certified Buildings RENX.ca, Mar 30, 2006

Jan van Dokkum, President of UTC Power, a United Technologies Company

Buildings with Carbon Neutral Emissions … “Buildings of tomorrow should be self-sufficient in energy and have carbon neutral emissions. This can be done by incorporating renewable energy sources into a building's design, optimizing energy efficiency of support systems, and taking advantage of geographic and culturally acceptable building practices. This aim is enhanced by using the 'cradle to cradle' concept of producing, using and later re-using building materials." …..

Excerpt taken from ….Top global companies join with WBCSD to make energy self-sufficient buildings a reality World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Mar 29, 2006

Lori Lindahl, Vice President of Corporate Services, Vancouver Port Authority

LEED Certification Makes Great Business Sense …. “The decision to pursue LEED certification made sense. The building improves the quality of life for VPA employees and for our community. It also makes great business sense, operation costs are improved as is the value of the building.." …..

Excerpt taken from ….Vancouver Port Authority Earns LEED Gold for Sustainable Office Greener Buildings, March 28, 2006

Bill Campbell, Senior Vice President, Minto Commercial

Minto "Thinking Green Living Greener" …. “180 Kent's LEED Gold certification will place the facility first on the wish list of A Class tenants in Ottawa." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Minto 180 Kent Street:  Ottawa’s new LEED candidate and tenant friendly office building RENX.ca, March 23, 2006

Chris Corps, President of RICS Canada 2003-4

Green and Non-green Building Appraisal…. “Appraisals are generally undertaken in a method suited to how purchasers think in specific markets however sustainable attributes will increasingly pressure appraisers to use more detailed analysis if differences in value are to be correctly adjusted." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Are the benefits of Green Buildings being missed? RENX.ca, March 21, 2006

Harvey Bernstein, VP, Industry Analytics and Alliances, McGraw Hill Construction

Fortune 500 Companies Building a Green Future …. “We can safely say that green buildings are no longer a fad, but rather an increasingly important new way of doing business." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Building green secret of Fortune 500 company CSR Wire, March 21, 2006

Steven W. Peck, President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities…. “Green Roofs for Healthy Cities congratulates Mayor David Miller and Toronto City Council for adopting the first comprehensive set of green roof policies in North America.." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Toronto Goes Green (Well, its Roofs, Anyways) Treehugger.com, February, 2006

Deb Cross, Executive VP, BOMA Canada

BOMA Go Green Environmental Certification…. “The BOMA Go Green program is taking off. It speaks to the desire of the commercial real estate community to contribute to helping the environment. It has exceeded our expectations.." …..

Excerpt taken from …. BOMA Canada's Go Green Environmental Certification Takes Off in First Year RENX.ca, March 20, 2006

Chris Corp MRICS, Director of RCIS Canada 2003-5

Green Buildings Increase Market Value …. “Traditional methods of valuation have obscured the fact that green buildings bring real business benefits and increased market value. It's time to reassess our valuation methods." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Green value: bringing real business benefits RICS.org, November 1, 2005

Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson), Sesame Street

It's not that easy bein' green …. “When green is all there is to be,
It could make you wonder why,
But why wonder, why wonder? ,
I am green and it'll do fine,
It's beautiful!,
And I think it's what I want to be .." …..

Excerpt taken from …. It's not that easy bein' green Sesame Street, March 10, 1970

Gary Wood, Chair of BOMA International Foundation

BOMA Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP) …. “Energy is the largest controllable operating expense for office buildings. BEEP is an essential resource that will improve the value of our members’ properties and the quality of their management." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Facility Managers' Group to Offer Energy Efficiency Training for Office Buildings Greener Buildings, Mar 16, 2006

Michael Italiano, Co-founder U.S. Green Building Council

Green Mortgage Backed Securities …. “If you can rate an MBS higher because it’s primarily green buildings, you can make more money for everybody involved. Appropriately valuing green and energy efficient buildings could provide cheaper cost of capital, higher appraised value and higher credit ratings.." ….

Excerpt taken from …. Assigning Value to Green Buildings Facilitiesnet.com, Mar 14, 2006

Jerry Yudelson , Interface Engineering, Portland, Oregon

Changing LEED Requirements …. ” I heard of a LEED documentation reviewer rejecting an innovation credit for 95% construction waste recycling because it was not 100%! When LEED was introduced a scant five years ago, even 50% construction waste recycling was considered an ambitious goal.." …..

Excerpt taken from …. Marketing LEED Greener Buildings, Mar 13, 2006

Monique Barbut, Director of the United Nations Green Building Initiative

40% of energy is used by the built environment …. “One key area of concern is that in some countries the built environment is responsible for up to 40% of total energy use."

Excerpt taken from …. U.N. Launches Green Builiding Initiative World Green Building Council, Mar 12, 2006

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Ann launched RENX in 2001 as a part-time venture and has grown the publication to become a primary source of online news for the Canadian real estate industry. Prior to…

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