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ENERGY STAR 2021 Canada award winners

Sixteen Canadian organizations and five buildings across the country have been recognized by Natu...

ENERGY STAR, Canada, award winners, NRCan

ENERGY STAR Canada (Courtesy NRCan)

Sixteen Canadian organizations and five buildings across the country have been recognized by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as the 2021 ENERGY STAR award winners.

The annual ENERGY STAR awards recognize corporations for their efforts in advancing energy efficiency and offering energy-efficient products and technology.

NRCan administers ENERGY STAR for over 1,500 participants in the program, which is designed to combat climate change and improve the way Canadians use energy. More than 1,000 businesses and organizations across Canada — including manufacturers, retailers, utilities, energy efficiency and environmental advocates, and provincial, territorial, and municipal governments — have formal arrangements with the federal department to promote energy efficiency in the manufacture, sale, and operation of products.

Recognized worldwide, the ENERGY STAR symbol is presented to high-efficiency homes, buildings, industrial facilities, and other certified products that protect the climate and improve air quality.

Aspiring energy “stars”

To be eligible for the builder of the year awards, builders must sign an ENERGY STAR for New Homes Builder Licence Agreement. Companies can then apply for the certification provided they meet the specified criteria.

The applications are then organized into three categories based on the number of houses built during that year. For the building of the year category, structures must have the highest ENERGY STAR score of all commercial or institutional buildings, respectively, in a chosen year.

– Small Builder of the Year: A single entity with one to 49 homes built;

– Mid-Size Builder of the Year: A single entity with 50 to 249 homes built;

– Large Builder or the Year: A single entity with 250 or more homes built.

Winners receive a special ENERGY STAR symbol for their product, along with the recognition of being the best in their class.

“When you see the ENERGY STAR label, you know it means energy savings,” said Seamus O’Regan Jr., minister of natural resources, in a prepared statement. “It saves money on energy bills, helps consumers and businesses make informed decisions, and lowers energy use. This year’s winners are building a more sustainable, energy-efficient, and prosperous future.”

And the winners are…

ENERGY STAR certified homes are typically air-sealed tighter than non-certified structures, preventing possible pests, pollen, pollutants, dust, cold drafts, moisture, and noise to enter the home.

According to ENERGY STAR, air leakage accounts for about 25–40 per cent of the energy used for heating and cooling a residence. Other features of an ENERGY STAR home include energy-efficient windows, elevated insulation levels, and an air filtration system designed to exchange stale indoor air with fresh, filtered outdoor air.

This year’s NRCan ENERGY STAR winners in the categories of new homes and buildings are:

ENERGY STAR for New Homes

– Builder of the Year, Small size: WrightHaven Homes Ltd., ON;

– Builder of the Year, Mid-size: Doug Tarry Limited, ON.

ENERGY STAR for Buildings

– Commercial Building of the Year: Commerce South Office Park – Building B, Edmonton, AB;

– Commercial Building of the Year: Sun Life Waterloo King, Waterloo, ON;

– Commercial Building of the Year: 6985 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON;

– Commercial Building of the Year: Brian Canfield Centre, Burnaby, B.C.;

– Institutional Building of the Year: Sunrise of Windsor, Windsor, ON.

In the coming weeks, follow SustainableBiz as we take an in-depth look at some of these winners and detail their impacts on, and contributions to, climate action and sustainability.

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