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RecycLiCo takes battery material recycling process global

Nicholas Sokic Waste RecycLiCo British Columbia 1 day ago

The CEO of recycler RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc. believes his company can be a major part of a transition which he says will move lithium-ion battery material sourcing from large-scale mining to commercial-scale recycling.

Why the many colours of hydrogen will matter to you

David Arkell Energy Hydrogen National 1 day ago

How did the world’s lightest element attract colourful labels and why should it matter to you? This is where the many colours of hydrogen come in. They provide a shorthand guide to the carbon emissions associated with hydrogen manufacturing methods.  

Imperial invests $720M for renewable diesel facility

Nicholas Sokic Energy Imperial Oil Alberta 2 days ago

Imperial Oil Ltd. will invest approximately $720 million in the construction of its renewable diesel complex, to be located at its existing Strathcona refinery near Edmonton.

Editor's Pick

Carbin Minerals becomes Arca, preps for CO2 pilot project

Carbin Minerals Inc., a Vancouver-based carbon mineralization company, has changed its name to Arca as it stands on the cusp of commercialization and a mid-year commercial pilot project.

Nicholas Sokic Carbon Arca Metro Vancouver Jan. 12 2023

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