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AmmPower to build green hydrogen facility in Texas port

IMAGE: AmmPower logo
Courtesy AmmPower Corp.

Toronto-based AmmPower Corp. has entered a memorandum of understanding with the Port of Corpus Christi Authority (PCCA) in Texas to develop a green hydrogen facility.

“This is an important step forward for AmmPower to be able to work with the Port of Corpus Christi Authority with the aim of creating one of the leading clean energy ports in the world,” Dr. Gary Benninger, AmmPower's CEO and executive chairman said in a statement.

The fuel made from hydrogen feedstock is intended to be produced by an AmmPower facility and used to fuel "next-generation ships as well as a medium to transport green energy on a global basis."

AmmPower did not release financial details, nor the scope of the project, in the announcement.

Founded in 2019, AmmPower (AMMP-CN) is active in green hydrogen feedstock and green fuel production, including the production of green fertilizers, carbon-free shipping fuel and the movement of green hydrogen derivatives.

It holds several other letters of intent with ports in Brazil and the U.S.

The AmmPower-PCCA facility

In January, AmmPower was announced as a private sector partner in the PCCA’s Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub. Its stated role as is to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia for the PCCA.

AmmPower is evaluating the feasibility of working with PCCA to develop a fuel facility with green hydrogen as feedstock. The facility would produce, store and distribute these derivatives, which would be destined for domestic and export markets, although no details are available on the potential scale of production.

The project is being led by Maarten Mobach, president of AmmPower Maritime.

“Having been involved in a number of large port construction and infrastructure projects over the past 40 years, I can truly say this is a remarkable moment,” Mobach said in a statement. “The pivotal shift to green energy is a very important one.

"This will be the first of many projects in the maritime industry that will help transition towards green energy.”

The PCCA has been using 100 per cent renewable electricity since 2017.

Other AmmPower developments

The company is developing a prototype – known as the Independent Ammonia Making Machine (IAMM) – to create green hydrogen feedstock for fertilizer for the agricultural industry.

AmmPower recently appointed Greg Barranger as vice-president of the IAMM division.

It is anticipating deliveries of the modular IAMM unit in Q1 this year – its website lists May as the first commercial operation. At that time, the company states it will be able to deliver four metric tonnes of green ammonia per day. 

The company’s primary market is independent distributors and retailers of anhydrous (or waterless) ammonia used for fertilizer. However, according to a recent release it has “received numerous inquiries from industry looking for ways to bring the ammonia production in-house.”

When it has announced in February 2022, pricing had not been finalized but is targeted to be between $3 million and $3.5 million per unit.

The IAMM was developed at its research and manufacturing facility in Detroit.

The company also holds a lithium exploration property in the James Bay region of Quebec and an option on the Titan Gold Property located in the Klotz Lake area in Northwestern Ontario.

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