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Climate change & farming with Dipesh Mistry

Learn about the fundamentals of regenerative farming

Regenerative farming is an innovative practice that has the potential to revolutionize the agriculture industry. In this enlightening podcast episode, we dive into the transformative world of regenerative farming with Dipesh Mistry, COO of Vayda, a pioneering regenerative farming company. Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the impact of regenerative farming on our ecosystem, the profitability and resilience it offers, and how it might be the solution to some of the pressing environmental issues we face today.

Vayda: An advocate of regenerative farming 

Vayda's mission is centered around regenerative farming, an agricultural system designed to improve soil health and productivity by investing in the land first. The company operates through a unique 'proving grounds' approach, developing highly localized and regionalized strategies to demonstrate the potential of regenerative agriculture. Vayda aims to share the resilience and profitability stories borne from regenerative farming practices with neighbouring farmers, thereby fostering a larger community of sustainable agriculture.

The agriculture sector and its role in carbon emission solutions

One cannot underestimate the role of agriculture in addressing carbon emission problems. Remarkably, about a third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to agriculture, indicating the sector's significant influence on our environment.

This podcast episode explores the numerous climate-related issues impacted by farming, such as soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, significant water use, and water quality degradation due to chemical runoff. Despite its challenges, agriculture remains a crucial sector that feeds the world, necessitating its transformation towards more sustainable practices.

The expanding world of farming and its climate impacts 

Farms are growing larger, driven by some departures from the farming industry and the subsequent expansion of those who remain. While a natural process, this trend has implications for climate change and necessitates interventions to align with sustainability goals. This episode provides an insightful discussion on this topic, and Mistry shares insights into the impact of this trend and its potential future trajectory.

Climate change and its influence on farming 

Climate change doesn't just occur due to farming; it also significantly affects it. Many farmers agree that about 70 per cent of their productivity is driven by factors beyond their control, such as weather and other climate-related elements. The importance of consistency is underscored, but the increasing unpredictability of climate events makes it challenging. While there may be some benefits, most farmers feel the adverse effects of climate change more acutely.

The world of regenerative farming offers an inspiring glimpse into how we can navigate the challenges of climate change while ensuring profitability and resilience. As we delve into the stories of companies like Vayda and the people behind them, let these examples of transformative agriculture guide our journey toward a sustainable future. Together, we can drive change, foster resilience, and shape a future that is beneficial to both the farming industry and the environment.


  • David Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy
  • John Pooley, vice-president of program development at 360 Energy
  • Lysandra Naom, executive producer of The 360 On Energy and Carbon Podcast
  • Dipesh Mistry, COO of Vayda

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