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Leftover food and net-zero with Robert Lee

In the latest thought-provoking episode of "The 360 on Energy and Carbon," Robert Lee, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, takes us on a deep dive into the often overlooked issue of food waste. This conversation isn't just about the leftovers on your plate; it's a critical look at a global problem with far-reaching consequences.

A misunderstood challenge

Lee, a former Wall Street financier, left the world of finance to combat a problem many don't even realize is legal to address: food donation. His journey from finance to food rescue is not just inspiring — it's a testament to the power of change one person can bring to an industry ripe for disruption.

The many faces of leftover food

What do we really mean when we talk about leftover food? The episode teases out the nuances of this question, exploring the journey of food from farm to fork and the myriad points along the way where food becomes "leftover." Lee's insights challenge listeners to rethink what they know about food waste.

The root of the waste

Why does so much food end up in the trash? The episode promises to reveal the surprising reasons behind this wastefulness, particularly in developed nations. Lee hints at a cultural component, a lack of awareness that leads to a staggering amount of perfectly good food ending up in landfills.

A spectrum of solutions

From prevention to repurposing, Lee discusses the hierarchy of actions we can take to tackle food waste. The episode teases various innovative solutions, from tech startups to simple changes in consumer behavior, all aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our meals.

The climate connection

The conversation takes a turn towards the environment, hinting at the shocking impact of food waste on carbon emissions. Lee suggests that by addressing food waste, we have the power to make a significant dent in our environmental impact, three times a day.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more from Robert Lee of Rescuing Left Over Cuisine. Prepare to gain a fresh perspective and discover new ways to create a difference in the sustainability revolution.


  • Robert Lee is the CEO  and co-founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. With a Bachelor’s degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a career in finance at various Wall Street firms, Robert Lee left finance to grow Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC). When Robert first started in the food rescue space in 2009, the common misconception was that donating food was illegal. RLC has been providing food rescue services since 2013 and is headquartered in New York City. RLC was incubated by Blue Ridge Labs @ the Robin Hood Foundation and since then has expanded across the nation. In addition, Mr. Lee has been honored as an Obama Leader USA, Gates Millennium Scholar, CNN Hero, Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship, NYC Food Policy 40 Under 40, and Youth Action Net Fellow. 
  • David Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy
  • John Pooley, vice president – program development
  • Lysandra Naom, executive producer of The 360 On Energy and Carbon Podcast

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