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Mitrex Toronto factory largest in world to use its BIPV system

Leading Canadian solar company Mitrex launched operations of its new production factory in Toront...

Mitrex, BIPV, solar panels, Toronto

Mitrex’s new Toronto building is the largest in the world to use its patented BIPV technology (Courtesy, Mitrex)

Leading Canadian solar company Mitrex launched operations of its new production factory in Toronto. The structure is the largest building in the world to employ the company’s patented building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology.

BIPV technology consists of solar power generating products or systems that are seamlessly integrated into a building’s envelope and components, including façades, roofs and windows. These façades can satisfy up to 100 per cent of on-site electricity consumption, enabling buildings to obtain net-zero emissions.

“It’s all about creating a sustainable green energy microgrid at a scale that it could become one of the largest energy companies in the world,” Danial Hadizadeh, CEO, Mitrex told SustainableBiz.

A typical 30-storey building incorporating Mitrex’s products can generate enough solar energy to power 48 homes per year, which is equivalent to removing 61 cars from the road. The technology essentially converts building exteriors into micro power plants.

The GTA-based solar technology manufacturer will call the new building its headquarters, allowing it to localize its production in the Canadian market while expanding to other markets, including the United States. The factory will also enable 100 per cent of the company’s products to be produced in Canada.

Factory features replicated worldwide

Inspired by nature, Mitrex’s tall buildings can generate a significant amount of energy, much like plants and trees. Rather than draining power from the grid, self-sufficient buildings with solar cladding and railings can generate clean energy

The company’s solar solutions include solar cladding, windows and railings. These features convert solar energy into electricity and provide building envelope functions, such as:

– weather protection (including water proofing and sun protection);

– thermal insulation;

– noise protection;

– daylight illumination;

– and safety.

Mitrex’s new structure consists of a 3D outer wall, created using the company’s cladding technology, and will cover 100,000 square feet. The building includes a fully-automated production line, which will make the company’s manufacturing process faster and more efficient, while ensuring competitive product prices in North America and abroad.

The features of this first-of-its-kind facility are designed to help establish Mitrex as a leader in the global green building market. The factory’s design will be replicated in the construction of future facilities in Canada, the U.S. and ultimately abroad.

“The new factory, equipped with our robust production line, will allow Mitrex to produce 25,000 square feet of solar integrated panels such as solar cladding and solar glass for windows and railing per day,” said Hadizadeh in a release.

“With the opening of the new factory, it will allow us to create construction materials that meet the architectural demands of our clients while creating a blueprint for future Mitrex factories across the world.”

Attractive, affordable and energy-efficient

Launched in December 2020, the company’s self-sufficient power systems will benefit architects, developers and building owners, while remaining affordable. The company’s solar-integrated products provide the opportunity to build structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

The company aims to fulfill any aesthetic desire, building efficiency need or safety requirement. Mitrex marketing materials say traditional rooftop solar panels in urban areas provide poor design choices and are limited by roof space.

Its products include cladding and railing systems with frameless modules, hidden mounting, homogeneous surfaces, and they can be adapted to look like any pattern, colour or material in the world.

“We firmly believe that we can turn any surface the sun touches into an energy source with our products, without compromising beauty and aesthetics. Our malleable technology is the future of solar infrastructure and will be critical in supporting efforts in curbing carbon emissions,” said Hadizadeh in a release. “As the climate crisis continues to deepen, we need to rethink how we invest in integrated solar technology that is cost-effective, malleable and efficient.”

The new facility’s eco-friendly features support the company’s mission to become a catalyst to accelerating the adoption of sustainable, energy-generating structures. Mitrex consistently strives for rapid, low-cost sustainable manufacturing.

“It’s up to every single one of us to do our part; you cannot just wait for other companies, the government to do something,” Hadizadeh said to SustainableBiz. “I want to look back on my life and know that I gave it my all to provide a solution to help the planet.”

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