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Skyline Group of Companies

Skyline Group of Companies is a fully integrated asset acquisition, management, development, and investment entity.  Skyline manages more than $6.4 billion across its real estate and clean energy platforms.

Sustainable rental housing: how this developer is building it

Social Development National Oct. 26 2021
Summer 2021 saw the kick-off of development for a new 236-suite apartment complex in Gravenhurst, Ontario. The town’s vacancy rate is only 0.4%, indicating the crucial need for new rental stock, which this single development is increasing by 38%. SkyDev,

Real estate owners: the sun continues to shine on clean energy infrastructure investment

Real Estate Infrastructure National Aug. 24 2021
2021 is the “make it or break it” year for climate change, according to the United Nations Secretary-General.1 Last year was one of the three warmest years on record in the history of our planet; what’s more, Natural Resources Canada’s

How this rental housing provider is helping to keep its tenants housed

ESG Rentals National Jun. 22 2021
Safe, secure, and affordable housing is deeply tied to mental health and well-being. Canadian housing insecurity has worsened with COVID-19’s economic fallout over the past 16 months. Mass job losses and layoffs have resulted in many tenants across Canada falling

When it comes to corporate sustainability planning, “prize effort over perfection”

ESG Sustainability National Apr. 20 2021
COVID-19 has caused abrupt and immense changes in corporate direction and operations across Canadian workplaces. However, it has not succeeded in diminishing the call for companies to accelerate their corporate sustainability or ESG (environmental, social, governance) responsibilities. According to the

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