The Federal Government’s guide to CSR for business

  • Apr. 25, 2017

Businesses who wish to implement a corporate sustainability program are being provided some free online guidance from the Government of Canada.

On the federal government website in the ‘industries and business’ section under ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ there is a CSR program implementation guide for Canadian Business.

The website is encouraging business to engage in CSR principals and practices as a way to make companies ‘more innovative, productive and competitive’.

A CSR toolkit is available that provides the practical steps for why and how to integrate sustainability-oriented practices into business operations under the themes of governance, decision-making, human resources, purchasing and marketing.

There are examples of specific company initiatives from both large and small business including TD, Loblaw, Blackberry, Ford, Kraft Food and Bridgehead coffee shops.

A resource on the site provides numerous links to organizations both domestic and international where more information is available about CSR for business.

Sustainable Biz Canada will be following up with Canadian business leaders to learn more about how CSR programs have impacted their companies.

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