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Utilities' role in the energy transition with FortisBC


Ever wondered about the buzzword "energy transition"? Want to know how utilities, especially pioneers like FortisBC, are leading the charge? This episode is your golden ticket to understanding the intricate dance of utilities in the evolving energy landscape.

Demystifying the energy transition 

The energy transition is more than just a trend. It's a global movement, especially in the Western world, focusing on decarbonization. With 82 per cent of the world's energy sourced from fossil fuels, the shift to alternative sources is monumental. This episode breaks down this "wartime effort" and the challenges in determining the best approach.

The power of efficiency  

Discover the simplest, yet most effective strategy to cut down emissions: enhancing efficiency. Learn how consuming less energy can be a game-changer in our fight against climate change.

Spotlight on FortisBC's Initiatives

FortisBC isn't just observing the transition, they're at the forefront:

  1. Renewable natural gas program: FortisBC showcases its commitment to policy changes and customer interests as the first North American utility to adopt this.
  2. Innovative carbon capture pilot: Dive deep into FortisBC's unique approach to carbon capture, focusing on the appliance level. It's innovation at its best!
  3. Maximizing the gas grid: Understand the pivotal role of the gas grid, especially during colder days, and how FortisBC aims to harness its potential.

Why this episode stands out

FortisBC's efforts are a beacon of hope and innovation. Their initiatives are not just about adapting to change but leading it. This episode offers a blend of expert insights, innovative solutions and a vision for a sustainable future.

Tune in and transform your perspective

Don't miss out on this enlightening journey. Whether you're an energy enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or just curious, this episode promises to enrich your understanding and inspire action. Watch, learn, and be part of the energy revolution!


  • Jason Wolfe, director of energy solutions at FortisBC. Jason has been with FortisBC for 20 years and is presently the director of energy solutions responsible for the marketing and sales efforts of FortisBC, including the residential sales team, commercial and industrial account management, the development of new energy products and services, including new energy technologies for customers. 
  • David Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy
  • John Pooley, vice-president of program development at 360 Energy
  • Lysandra Naom, executive producer of The 360 On Energy and Carbon Podcast

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