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360 Energy and Carbon Insights
David Arkell Owner, CEO, 360 Energy Inc.

The energy transition: A new era of opportunity

David Arkell Energy Net-zero National Apr. 5 2024

In a world where energy sustains the very essence of organizational operations, the impending energy transition looms as a transformative force. The next decade promises an unprecedented shift in the energy landscape, marking an era of profound change unlike before.

Meet the man who has mapped Canada’s net-zero carbon future

David Arkell Carbon Net-zero National Mar. 21 2024

Energy consumers will drive Canada’s transition to a net-zero carbon-emitting economy, according to Dr. David Layzell, emeritus professor from the University of Calgary, and energy systems architect with the Transition Accelerator, a pan-Canadian non-profit.

Carbon emissions data simplified: Taking steps to reach your carbon reduction goals!

David Arkell Carbon Emissions National Nov. 10 2023

In today's world, accurately reporting carbon emissions is not just a responsibility but a necessity. Whether you are part of a big company, a small business, or a government agency, collecting carbon emissions data is crucial for transparent climate disclosures.

Navigating the energy transition in 10 easy steps

David Arkell Energy Hydrostor Toronto / GTA Oct. 17 2023

Much is being said and written about the “energy transition.” But what is it? What needs to change? What does an energy transition mean when using energy is so crucial to our businesses and activities?

Regenerative agriculture is a unique win-win opportunity for food and agriculture

David Arkell Green Agriculture National Sep. 26 2023

Discover the potential of regenerative agriculture. Learn why it's a unique win-win strategy to address both global and economic challenges. Dive into its transformative power for soil, food, and the future of farming.

Utility billing errors: A significant hidden cost to consumers

David Arkell ESG Energy National Sep. 7 2023

Utility billing errors might seem like a minor inconvenience, but these inaccuracies can result in significant financial losses for many companies. Learn about common causes of billing errors and how to navigate these challenges effectively.



Which natural gas consumers could lose out from a price collapse?

David Arkell Energy Energy efficiency National Aug. 22 2023

Explore the intricacies of natural gas contracts and load balancing. Understand the implications of surplus gas sales in Ontario and its potential impact on market prices. Strategic insights for timely gas contract decisions and market trends.

What we learned from tracking our carbon emissions

David Arkell ESG Carbon emissions National Jul. 24 2023

Explore valuable expert insights gained by 360 Energy in managing, tracking, and reporting emissions. Discover their knowledge on carbon footprint management, energy tracking, and sustainable practices toward a greener future.

Climate reporting requirements are coming. Are you prepared?

David Arkell ESG Climate risk International Jul. 21 2023

Companies will soon have to provide climate-related disclosures to receive financing. What are these climate-related disclosures, and why do they matter? What do they mean? David Arkell, CEO of 360 Energy, details the nuances of the incoming regulations.

C-suite strategies: Leveraging internal carbon pricing for success

David Arkell Carbon Carbon National Jun. 20 2023

Explore the compelling world of internal carbon pricing in our in-depth guide. Discover how this forward-thinking strategy enhances business performance and profitability and promotes sustainability. An essential read for leaders keen on gaining a competitive edge through responsible business practices.

Here’s how to avoid buying worthless carbon offsets

David Arkell Carbon Carbon Offsets National May. 19 2023

As concern for the environment grows, many people are turning to carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint. However, you need to be cautious when purchasing these offsets and here are some tips for avoiding fraudulent or ineffective options.

How do carbon credits work?

David Arkell Carbon Carbon Credits National Apr. 14 2023

This article introduces carbon credits and their role in mitigating climate change. It explains what carbon credits are, how they work, and their benefits and limitations. It also discusses the different types of carbon credits and their certification standards.

Leadership and the viability of sustainability in businesses

David Arkell Carbon Technology National Mar. 31 2023

Executives in current leadership positions won’t be responsible for their businesses’ actions by the time we reach the mid-century. Colin Osborne, president and CEO of Samuel, Son & Co., summarized Samuel's efforts to use short-term goals to set realistic climate action.

Can hydrogen solve the great conundrum?

David Arkell Energy Hydrogen National Mar. 22 2023

As the world grapples with ways to create a net-zero carbon economy, hydrogen is being touted as the new industrial fuel of choice. Can hydrogen live up to all the hype and become manufacturing’s preferred energy source? Possibly.

How to prepare for the coming climate disclosure rules

David Arkell ESG Carbon emissions National Mar. 14 2023

Canadian businesses will soon have to address the risks of climate change, as new regulations will require them to disclose their carbon emissions and other climate-related exposures. This article will explain the upcoming regulations and how businesses can comply.

Why spell carbon as “E-N-E-R-G-Y”?

David Arkell Carbon Carbon National Feb. 15 2023

Reducing carbon emissions is taking centre stage for growing numbers of consumers and for the public. What does “carbon” mean for your business? There is a direct link between using energy (at least energy from fossil fuels) and carbon emissions.

Creating a carbon plan for a competitive edge

David Arkell Carbon Carbon emissions National Feb. 6 2023

In order to remain competitive in the global market, it is important for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. A carbon plan can help businesses accomplish this goal while maintaining improvement in their profits. It just takes commitment and dedication.

Why the many colours of hydrogen will matter to you

David Arkell Energy Hydrogen National Jan. 27 2023

How did the world’s lightest element attract colourful labels and why should it matter to you? This is where the many colours of hydrogen come in. They provide a shorthand guide to the carbon emissions associated with hydrogen manufacturing methods.  

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