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EnergyTech Today
Brad Pilgrim CEO and co-founder, Parity Inc.

Why data driven tech accelerates ESG

Brad Pilgrim ESG Energy efficiency National Feb. 16 2022
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs focus on nearly every major company and organization globally. In the face of a continued and escalating climate crisis, rising energy costs, new greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon regulations, and a growing customer base

Choosing the right tech: What you need to know to maximize results for building operations

Brad Pilgrim Energy Property Management National Jan. 17 2022
Technology continues to transform our lives in seemingly infinite ways. Choosing the right technology to help with our daily tasks literally makes everything from shopping to tracking our health to entertaining ourselves easier, every day. Not only has technology changed

Smart is a marathon, not a sprint

Brad Pilgrim Energy Energy efficiency National Dec. 16 2021
Although data is the lifeblood of a smart building, simply having access to raw data is not enough to create a building that is optimized for maximum energy and operational efficiency. In fact, it is how the data is tracked

Tech can increase building reserve funds in unexpected ways

Brad Pilgrim Energy Technology National Nov. 18 2021
Condo corporations and rental building owners alike are always looking for resourceful solutions to keep budgets balanced and cash reserves healthy. With inflationary pressures on the horizon and volatile markets, there’s no promise how healthy reserve funds will be in the

Tech leads race to net-zero for multiresidential sector

Brad Pilgrim Energy Net-zero National Oct. 5 2021
The City of Toronto recently approved its plan to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050 or sooner. The move will impact both condos and rental properties in Toronto, and it’s safe to assume other nearby municipalities

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