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Naturally Sustainable Buildings
Phil Fung Professional Engineer, Designated Consulting Engineer

Leveraging innate connection between people and nature

Phil Fung Real Estate Green Buildings National Jan. 26 2022
During the COVID-19 pandemic, nature-based solutions in building design – applications of nature to tackle socio-environmental and mental health challenges – have captured global attention. They not only address environmental concerns but also bring enormous benefits to the occupants. Biophilic

Nature inspired building design that meets human needs

Phil Fung Real Estate Green Buildings National Dec. 13 2021
In 1943, a hierarchy of human needs was proposed by Abraham Maslow. He stated that from bottom to top, these needs are: physiological (food, air, water, rest), safety (resources, security, wellbeing), love and belonging (building relationships and a sense of

Entering a new era of sustainable building design

Phil Fung Real Estate LEED National Nov. 23 2021
Demand for green buildings has surged with LEED certifications increasing five-fold in the last decade, but do these buildings go far enough to meet our future needs? To understand the great need for our society to move towards regenerative building

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