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COP28, what’s next?

In the latest episode of The 360 on Energy and Carbon, the spotlight turns to the pivotal and often under-discussed topic of climate change negotiations, with a special focus on COP28. This episode, featuring insightful discussions with key experts, is not just about international agreements; it's a critical examination of the global efforts to combat climate change and the complexities involved.

A global gathering with mixed outcomes

COP28, the Conference of Parties on climate change, aimed for a global agreement on climate action. The episode delves into why these conferences, despite their importance, often need to catch up to expectations. The non-binding nature of COP agreements and the need for ratification at the country level are dissected, offering listeners a clearer understanding of the challenges in global climate policy.

The energy transition focus

Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy and enhancing energy efficiency were key focuses at COP28. The episode explores these commitments alongside the concerns about the lack of binding agreements and potential loopholes that could undermine progress.

The crucial role of business and individuals

The conversation shifts to the significant role businesses and individuals play in climate action. Emphasizing the importance of accurate reporting and the circular economy in sustainable resource use provides a holistic view of the efforts needed to combat climate change.

The loss and damage fund: a step forward

One of the highlights of COP28 was creating the loss and damage fund. The episode examines its potential impact while also addressing the limitations on activism and protests during the conference, offering a balanced view of the progress made and the hurdles that remain.

Engaging the oil and gas industry

In a compelling segment, the episode underscores the importance of involving the oil and gas industry in climate conversations. Understanding the perspectives of those in power within this industry is crucial for effective communication and facilitating a smoother energy transition.

Continuous engagement for climate action

Finally, the hosts advocate for engaging in climate discussions throughout the year, not just during COP, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and active in driving meaningful climate action.


  • John Pooley: Vice-president of program development, offers his insights on the development and implementation of climate strategies.
  • Lysandra Naom: Executive producer of The 360 On Energy and Carbon podcast, guides the conversation, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the topics.

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