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Taking Canadian energy international with Jacob Irving

A Canadian energy expert discusses Canada's role in clean energy and carbon capture

Join The 360 on Energy and Carbon in this enlightening podcast episode, where Jacob Irving, a renowned figure in the Canadian energy industry, shares his insights on Canada's energy innovations, growth prospects and export strategies.

Discover how Canada is paving the way in energy development and addressing climate change, all while exploring opportunities in carbon capture, hydroelectric power and hydrogen as a fuel source.

Highlights of the episode

  • Canada's expertise in carbon capture, utilization and storage;
  • the potential of hydroelectric power in Canada and developing countries;
  • the role of hydrogen in fulfilling our energy needs;
  • the importance of indigenous relations in energy development projects; and
  • Canada's leadership in responsible energy development and its international impact.

A global perspective on energy 

Learn about Canada's role in the global energy landscape and how it is utilizing its diverse energy production capabilities to lead in responsible energy development. Understand the significance of consumer action in driving the adoption of clean energy technologies and how Canada is striving to be a part of the global solution to climate change.

Why listen to this episode? 

  • Informative: Gain a deeper understanding of the energy sector and its innovations. How Canadian companies are leveraging their lessons internationally.
  • Inspiring: Learn about the efforts being made to combat climate change and the potential for cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions.


Jacob Irving: Irving has contributed significantly to the enhancement of two of Canada's foremost energy sectors: the oil sands and hydropower. He possesses a profound understanding of the vital role energy plays in Canada, as well as Canada's significance in the global energy landscape, spanning local, provincial, national, continental, and international perspectives.

Hailing from the Huron and francophone community of Penetanguishene, Ontario, Jacob remains acutely aware of how our energy strengths can foster national reconciliation and unity. His career focuses on furthering the dialogue and discussion necessary for this to happen.

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