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Unlocking the secrets of carbon credits with Guardyan Conservation

Join podcast hosts David Arkell and John Pooley as they delve into the complex and evolving world of carbon credits with Jana McDonald, CEO of Guardyan Conservation.

These two engaging episodes not only explore the foundational aspects of the carbon credit market, but also tackle the advanced challenges and innovations driving sustainability forward.

Pioneering carbon credit integrity

From Challenges to Innovations

Learn about McDonald’s entrepreneurial journey as she breaks barriers in the male-dominated industry of carbon trading. Starting Guardyan Conservation in the competitive environment of Calgary, Jana shares her challenges and triumphs as a young female CEO. This episode is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs in sustainability, emphasizing the crucial role of innovation and ethical practices in establishing a trustworthy carbon credit business.

Strategic Integrity in Carbon Markets

Dive into the strategies that have positioned Guardyan Conservation as a leader in producing verifiable and impactful carbon credits. McDonald discusses the importance of rigorous verification processes and the company’s commitment to transparency, offering listeners a masterclass in maintaining integrity in environmental ventures.

Advancing sustainability through carbon trading

Confronting Market Realities

In this follow-up episode, the conversation shifts to the operational and ethical complexities of the carbon credit market. McDonald and the hosts tackle the issues of greenwashing and greenhushing, providing insights into how Guardyan Conservation navigates these challenges while upholding high standards of environmental integrity.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Hear about Guardyan Conservation's innovative approaches to matching projects with appropriate carbon credits, ensuring that each initiative contributes effectively to net-zero goals. The discussion also covers the importance of collaboration with regulatory bodies to foster industry-wide improvements and set a benchmark for quality and sustainability in carbon trading.

A Look Ahead: Price Regulation and Market Evolution

Looking towards the future, Jana emphasizes the need for continuous innovation and regulatory evolution to adapt to the dynamic nature of global sustainability needs. This episode critically examines how the carbon credit market can evolve to better support the global mission of reducing carbon footprints and achieving sustainability targets.

These episodes offer a rare glimpse into the strategic and operational dynamics of the carbon credit industry, highlighted by a leader who is paving the way for a more sustainable future. Tune in to better understand how carbon trading can be a pivotal element in our global environmental strategy.


  • Jana McDonald: CEO at Guardyan Conservation and corporate development officer at Obsidian Engineering. Jana’s background in communication, negotiation and corporate development in the oil and gas industry has stewarded her passion for integrating her network and client base into the carbon markets. Beginning with carbon trading in early 2020, she identified the lack of credit development for profit within Canada. Since founding Guardyan Conservation, she has analyzed the feasibility of projects ranging from agriculture to transportation, technology, efficiencies, renewables, solar and land use. She is a hands-on leader who continues to expand Guardyan’s influence and client base through the development of millions of credits per year. 
  • David Arkell: President and CEO of 360 Energy
  • John Pooley: Vice-president – program development
  • Lysandra Naom - Executive producer of The 360 On Energy and Carbon Podcast

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