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Building a Cleaner Canada
Sarah Bingham Director of Development and Sustainability, Adera

Cooling and air exchange systems: A sustainable step forward

Sarah Bingham Real Estate Cooling and air exchange systems Metro Vancouver Aug. 26 2022
Cooling and air exchange systems in buildings are taking precedence as extreme weather in Canada places people in jeopardy.

Greening the space around your building: sustainable landscaping; drought reduction techniques and outdoor amenity spaces

Sarah Bingham Real Estate Green space National Jul. 18 2022
Immersion in nature has proven benefits for our health. Urban green spaces such as parks and residential green spaces help to promote the mental and physical health of residents, providing psychological relaxation and stress alleviation, while stimulating social cohesion, and

How high-tech building management systems can reduce waste and increase efficiency

Sarah Bingham Waste Building a Cleaner Canada National May. 24 2022
Canada’s construction industry plays a significant role in the economy, generating $156 billion in GDP in February of this year. In tandem with revenue generation, the industry produces one-third of the total solid waste in Canada, which equates to over

A realistic path to sustainability for Canada’s construction industry

Sarah Bingham Carbon Sustainability National Apr. 5 2022
For Canada’s construction industry, sustainable operations and materials are paramount in a bid for environmentally conscious practices.  It is no secret that the global environment is currently in a precarious position. According to the United Nations, global net emissions must

Canada is just scratching the surface of mass timber development

Sarah Bingham Real Estate Construction British Columbia Feb. 9 2022
In Canada, our building industry has come a long way in terms of sustainable mass timber harvesting, manufacturing, design and construction — especially in B.C. But the truth remains that we’re still just scratching the surface of our full potential. Mass

Bringing ‘circular economy’ efforts to Canada’s construction industry is a worthy challenge

Sarah Bingham Real Estate Waste National Dec. 21 2021
In British Columbia, the experience over the past year with extreme and devastating weather linked to human-caused climate change has never been more obvious. The deadly heat dome of the past summer, followed by the ongoing devastation and flooding wrought

5 ways Canada’s builders can boost sustainability in a hurry

Sarah Bingham Energy Climate Action National Nov. 4 2021
It has become a widely-known fact that the construction industry is one of Canada’s worst polluters. It doesn’t need to be that way, but if we don’t take the right actions as an industry, the situation could get worse. Global